Weekend Update 6/17/18

Robbie has been having fun with his sisters the last few days in Tulsa. I’ll update with more pictures and stories when we pick him up in a couple days.

Jim and I went to my nephew John’s wedding and enjoyed time with my family. John is the same age as Robbie. It was a wonderful day and a beautiful wedding.

At times it is hard seeing all Robbie’s cousins moving on with their lives. We are thankful we were able to travel and spend time with family.

John and Sara Graves

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  1. Pam says:

    Traveling mercies as you travel back to Oklahoma and back to Texas! 💙


  2. mandolininn says:

    Cindy and Jim – it was such a pleasure having you stay at the Mandolin Inn this weekend! After reading your blog I feel as though I know all of your family. My Cinde and Mokie wanted to send you their pictures so that they can say Hi to Robbie – so I sent a couple of e-mails with their messages. You guys are all in my heart and my prayers. Hugs – Amy


    1. Thank you Amy. We really enjoyed meeting you and staying at your B and B. What a beautiful house. Take care and Thanks again. 💜


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