Can we go back to the Play-doh Years? 6/5/18

Lets go back to the Play-doh years when our greatest concern was dealing with crazy sensory issues.

Robbie’s latest scans finally showed up in his online medical records, so we could read them. Lynn wrote ….at least they said his pancreas is unremarkable.

Other than the original diagnosis, this is the hardest fight yet. I’m not coping very well.

So many times he has amazed everyone by beating the odds.

He started school at age 3 in early childhood special ed. He not only caught up to his peers, but a few years later he had passed them.

His math skills have always been amazing along with his sense of humor.

Robbie’s sisters were into drama in high school and sometimes talked with an British accent as a joke. I got a call from Robbie’s 3rd grade teacher. “I don’t know what is wrong, but your son is answering all his math questions with a British accent….. ”

Praying for another miracle. ❤

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