The Sloth with Soursop Fruit Drink 6/29/18

Lynn and Robbie went to the same tea place as yesterday and used their computers along with having tea. Next they had lunch at Pho Saigon. Best part of lunch was finding the soursop fruit drink like they had in Costa Rica. The siblings have had a fun week together. Lynn and Robbie in 1994.

The Sloth Adventures Continue 6/28/18

Today after Robbie had a bloodwork appointment, Lynn took him to Torchys Tacos. Robbie really likes spicy food since he has gone through chemo. He is up to three chemo pills a day and so far minimal side effects. Pazopanib (Votrient) is currently in clinical trials for osteosarcoma, but he isn’t in one of the…

Tea Adventures Continue 6/27/18

Robbie and his sister Lynn continued their tea adventures and went to a new spot today. It is a great way to do something inside in the heat and the kids are having fun, which I love to see! Today it was Kung Fu Tea in Katy.

Tea with Sloth Day 2

Lynn took Robbie for tea again while she is in town. He is enjoying having her visit. We keep praying for a miracle. It is hard to get the last test results off my mind.

More Cousin Time 6/24/18

Robbie spent another great day with his cousins. The new chemo makes Robbie very tired, so he fell asleep before they left this afternoon. They had a wonderful weekend together. I’m so thankful they made the effort to visit Robbie.

Sloth Painting 6/23/18

Someone that follows Robbie’s blog painted a picture of a sloth for him. Best birthday present! He loves it!

Surprise Birthday Celebration 6/22/18

Some of my nephews flew to Houston to surprise Robbie for his 25th birthday. They have made plans all weekend for him. It is so sweet. In the back seat..Eric is from Kansas City and Brad is from Minneapolis. In the front seat…Craig is from Dubuque, IA and Brian lives in Katy near us. I…

MD Anderson Updates 6/22/18

I took Robbie to MD Anderson yesterday for bloodwork and to see Dr Ratan. What Robbie thought were bug bites are actually blisters caused by the chemo he is taking. So far only a few, but this can become a problem for some people. His blood pressure is up, which is normally very low….another side…