Surprise Birthday Celebration 6/22/18

Some of my nephews flew to Houston to surprise Robbie for his 25th birthday. They have made plans all weekend for him. It is so sweet. In the back seat..Eric is from Kansas City and Brad is from Minneapolis. In the front seat…Craig is from Dubuque, IA and Brian lives in Katy near us. I know my parents would be proud of their grandchildren watching out for each other.

MD Anderson Updates 6/22/18

Robbie’s sloth waiting for him to come back from bloodwork

I took Robbie to MD Anderson yesterday for bloodwork and to see Dr Ratan. What Robbie thought were bug bites are actually blisters caused by the chemo he is taking. So far only a few, but this can become a problem for some people. His blood pressure is up, which is normally very low….another side effect. His bloodwork so far is looking okay except his platelets have started a slow decline. We doubled his chemo drug and so far the only additional side effect is being tired. He will have scans the end of July to see if the new drug is working. Keep praying for him.

He received a couple cute birthday cards in the mail yesterday, which he enjoyed. We also visited the Museum of Natural Science after his doctor appointments. He didn’t last too long because he was so tired, but he had fun walking around by the dinosaurs. The museum was setting up tables and food for a big event. Robbie said he wishes he could rent the museum and have a party. I told him sorry, but that isn’t in the Birthday budget.

Setting up for an evening event

Thank you for all your support.

Dallas Aquarium 6/21/18

The Dallas Aquarium

Lynn and Robbie stopped at the Dallas Aquarium on their way back to Houston. The sloths at the Dallas Aquarium are from the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica. They got back to Houston last night.

Robbie started two chemo pills a day today and he will see Dr Ratan this afternoon.

This weekend Robbie turns 25. If you are able to send a card. (23622 Messina Harbor Dr. Katy, TX. 77493)

Robbie got a letter from a Church in Belmont, WI yesterday, which was so kind. The men’s prayer breakfast group is praying for Robbie. Many familiar last names from families that I know from growing up in Wisconsin. My family lived between Belmont and Platteville, WI on a Dairy farm near the Big M. The “M” stands for the old mining college that is now part of UW Platteville.

The Big M in Platteville, WI

Robbie’s Week 6/20/18

Tulsa Zoo

Robbie had a wonderful week in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He got to spend time with his friends and his sisters.

We are very grateful to the Tulsa Zoo for allowing him to have a special day there with multiple behind the scenes tours with various animals including their sloth. Something he won’t forget. I’m not able to post the adorable pictures because they aren’t tours offered to the public. Ruth arranged a wonderful day for him. The zoo also allowed Ruth to use a golf cart to take him around the zoo and they gave Robbie VIP treatment at the annual zoo event for donors.

Robbie and Ruth

When I first saw Robbie after being apart for a few days, I thought…why is he limping… until my brain switched on and cancer filled the space again. He looked so much like himself again and doing typical things that for a brief few seconds life was almost normal. Dr appointments start back up tomorrow.

Jim and I got back to Houston last night. Lynn and Robbie will arrive sometime today.

Robbie and Lynn

Weekend Update 6/17/18

Robbie has been having fun with his sisters the last few days in Tulsa. I’ll update with more pictures and stories when we pick him up in a couple days.

Jim and I went to my nephew John’s wedding and enjoyed time with my family. John is the same age as Robbie. It was a wonderful day and a beautiful wedding.

At times it is hard seeing all Robbie’s cousins moving on with their lives. We are thankful we were able to travel and spend time with family.

John and Sara Graves