MD Anderson and The Zoo 5/14/18

Robbie’s bloodwork is too low for treatment today.

Since he couldn’t have chemo, we went to the Houston Zoo. Curly had a few tours today, so when they got done, they let Robbie visit Curly. While we waited, we visited the gift shop and Robbie got a cute red panda. The red panda is another favorite that we usually visit when we are at the zoo. He hasn’t had a behind the scenes tour yet, but he likes seeing them.

Happy Mother’s Day 5/13/18

Happy Mother’s Day! I’m so thankful to be a mother to our three children. I’m praying that by next Mother’s Day that Robbie’s Cancer will be in remission.

I’m thankful for my mother for her faith and love. This weekend I got a new phone and for some reason it reverted back a few years and on my phone were messages and pictures of my mother. It was great to see. I miss her so much.

I was also blessed with a wonderful mother in law. She was smart, funny, and we loved spending time together. She passed away from cancer at age 70. One evening we were shopping together and we both commented on how the store is so quiet. It was closed. Somehow we missed the announcement. Haha. In the picture below, she is with Robbie.

Thank you for all your support.

Aquarium 5/12/18

Robbie went to the aquarium in Houston with a friend today and they saw a huge sloth in the gift store. He took pictures, since it was too expensive to buy. He had a great week. He is up to biking two laps around the neighborhood, which is 4 miles.

Monday is the next round of treatment.

Bucky’s 5/8/18

We had to drive to a town north of us to the DMV today, which is near Bucky’s. Robbie got his favorite pulled pork sandwich. I was able to finally get my Texas license. Third time and all the papers! Robbie was upset because his Oklahoma license has expired since he hasn’t been driving, so he has to take a 6 hr online driving course and take the driving test again. He could have gotten a Texas ID card today, but he didn’t like that idea.

We also both got library cards. You can never have enough books!

I passed the first Texas teacher test that I took last week and I might be able to waive the other tests. Loud cheers! It is too late to get a refund for my test this week, so I’ll still test, but will hopefully skip the other two tests. Yay!

At the Movies 5/7/18

We took Robbie to see the Avengers last night. Jim and Robbie enjoyed the movie. I prefer movies where there is a plot and still characters living at the end. We are looking forward to the next Star Wars movie.

Robbie had a good weekend. He is able to go further on his bike and he said it is helping his bad leg to gain more range of motion.

We also saw my sister Sandy and her husband from Wisconsin. Her son lives in Katy and has two adorable kids.

Here is Nora trying to carry Robbie’s largest sloth.

Robbie, Lynn, and a Sloth 5/1/18

Lynn took Robbie to his morning appointment at MD Anderson for another thyroid test. Then they planned to go to the zoo, but Robbie was feeling sick to his stomach. Hopefully he will feel well enough for me to take him on Friday.

I stayed home to study for the Texas teacher tests. A couple more days before the first test. It makes me nervous! I also completed paperwork for Katy Schools.