Test Results = Tears 5/31/18

First….a sweet child singing about Peace in Christ. Keep praying for a miracle for Robbie.

Sadly, we learned today that his cancer has continued to grow in his lungs and new tumors have started in both lungs. The immunotherapy that has helped so many people, had no impact on his cancer. The news is devastating to all of us, especially for Robbie.

They stopped the clinical trial and for now he will start taking a chemo drug that for some people has slowed the growth of new cancer, but rarely kills osteosarcoma. The drug is called Pazopanib and it is in pill form. It will take time to get insurance approval since the estimated cost is $10,000 per month.

They will do scans again in 6-8 weeks. At that point, he will either continue the new chemo drug or jump to something more toxic. The fear of jumping to another harsh chemo is that if it doesn’t work, it could destroy the rest of his bone marrow, taking most of the other options with it. This could be next in line or another clinical trial. Unfortunately the current clinical trials for osteosarcoma are mostly at stage 1, so they don’t have enough data to know if you are going down the right track or wasting time.

He has a wonderful doctor and nurses at the sarcoma center and they are also sad with the latest news. We spent over an hour together today as we talked about the latest tests results and what possible steps ahead.


Matthew 19:26 New King James Version (NKJV)

But Jesus looked at them and said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Tests and Sherlock Homes 5/30/18

Robbie and I started the day at MD Anderson for scans to check for the progress of the current treatment. We are all on edge until we get the results tomorrow. I’m making Jim come along tomorrow in case it is bad news. Keep praying.

Next, we went to the Sherlock Homes exhibit at the Natural Science museum. It was an interesting exhibit along with a crime scene with clues and old techniques for figuring out the crime. A blood splatter machine, shoe stepping machine with different shoes, poisons, poison plants, and a variety of other displays. It was one way to keep our minds off Cancer for the afternoon.

Star Wars 5/28/18

We took Robbie to see the Star Wars movie with his Aunt Anne today. We all enjoyed the movie. It has been great having Anne here this weekend. She flies back to Wisconsin later today.

Yesterday we got to spend the day with family. My brother Bill and his wife Tammie were in town from Kansas and we also were able to see my niece and nephew and families that are in the area.

Keep praying for good scans this week. Tests on Wednesday and results on Thursday.

Butterflies and Company 5/25/18

Robbie enjoyed watching the butterflies this morning. He is a little down today because he is worried about the scans next week. We are all nervous.

This afternoon we picked up his Aunt Anne (Jim’s sister) from the airport. We are all happy to see her. She lives in Wisconsin and is here for the weekend.

Sleeping and Fever 5/18/18

Here is a picture of the kids playing in the snow when we lived in Iowa. Robbie spent most of today sleeping. He has been running a fever and doesn’t feel very good. His side stopped hurting, so that is good. Any pain that he has, we worry about the cancer spreading. The week of treatment is hard on Robbie and all of us. Thankfully, he always amazes us how he bounces back. I noticed today that he is really looking thin even for Robbie. He has been steadily loosing weight, since he started the immunotherapy.

Thank you for all your support. ❤

Treatment and Treats 5/17/18

Robbie spent the afternoon at MD Anderson in Katy. When he was done, I stopped for treats.

He is feeling sick tonight and is complaining that his rib hurts on his side.

I’m off to visit my new school tomorrow. I’m excited and nervous. I hope to learn more about my position and what age group I will be teaching.

IV Fluids 5/16/18

Robbie got some much needed sleep while he received IV fluids this afternoon. We should all get more sleep tonight.

We will definitely need a back up plan for the next round, so if it runs late, we will either have Jim along or stay in a hotel overnight. I can’t trust myself to stay awake after 11pm to drive across Houston to Katy.

Late Night on Tuesday! 5/16/18

This is a picture of Robbie relocating to the first floor last night, because it was too late for his floor. Treatment was delayed starting for almost 3 hours due to a mess up on the orders.

Robbie and I didn’t leave MDA until 11pm and arrived home at Katy at midnight. At least there wasn’t much traffic driving across Houston that late. My only worry was to stay awake! We stopped for caffeine and snacks, but I still felt very tired.

Today both his appointments are in Katy. We are at his ENT this morning to double check his hearing aids. He has IV fluids at the Katy location for MD Anderson this afternoon.