Birthday Cards

If you have time to send birthday cards, I know it would mean a lot to him. He turns 25 on June 23rd. Sloths are still his favorite, but he has branched out this year and really loves all zoo animals. They make him happy and he always has a few stuffed animals near him when he has treatment.

He was 22 when he found out that he has cancer. We keep praying for a cure. 🎗

Thank you ❤

Here is our address:

Robbie Mudroch

23622 Messina Harbor Dr.

Katy, TX 77493

I found pictures from his 9th birthday.

Sleeping and Fever 5/18/18

Here is a picture of the kids playing in the snow when we lived in Iowa. Robbie spent most of today sleeping. He has been running a fever and doesn’t feel very good. His side stopped hurting, so that is good. Any pain that he has, we worry about the cancer spreading. The week of treatment is hard on Robbie and all of us. Thankfully, he always amazes us how he bounces back. I noticed today that he is really looking thin even for Robbie. He has been steadily loosing weight, since he started the immunotherapy.

Thank you for all your support. ❤

IV Fluids 5/16/18

Robbie got some much needed sleep while he received IV fluids this afternoon. We should all get more sleep tonight.

We will definitely need a back up plan for the next round, so if it runs late, we will either have Jim along or stay in a hotel overnight. I can’t trust myself to stay awake after 11pm to drive across Houston to Katy.