We have a Mailbox!! 4/12/18

They finally put mailboxes on our street! Yay! Robbie already received a package and a card. Thank you so much!  Hopefully we will have this address for a long time. After living in two apartments, then using a box at the UPS store, I can’t learn another address. Ha

Katy Home address

23622 Messina Harbor Drive. Katy, TX. 77493

Butterfly Center & Science Museum 4/12/18

We went to the Natural Science Museum today. Robbie had fun taking pictures of the Butterflies, rocks, and precious stones. There were several busloads of kids there, so we didn’t stay too long.

Now we are at MD Anderson to get his hearing aids adjusted. He really likes Hearts for Hearing in Oklahoma and is not happy to switch audiologist!

After waiting in the waiting room for an hour, we just learned they can’t help him and the appointment was made by mistake. I even called to check before we came.

Kolaches, MD Anderson, and the Zoo 4/9/18

We started the day at the Kolache Shoppe for Robbie’s favorite sausage, egg, cheese, and jalapeño in a bun. It is our favorite Kolache place in Houston. It is on Richmond near Weslayan Street. Robbie’s grandpa Mudroch used to make kolaches every year at Christmas. We learned about the bakery when we toured the Czech Museum in Houston.

Next Robbie had bloodwork for the clinical study. He told me they took multiple vials today. Some of the vials are being used for research.

We had extra time between appointments, so we went on a quick trip to the zoo. We ran into Sydney, one of the sweet zookeepers, and she let Robbie feed Curly a couple grapes. This was the highlight of Robbie’s day! Curly even climbed out onto a branch to be near Robbie and the grapes.

Then back to MDA to see his main doctor. Robbie is much better, but still gets tired easily. The side effects of the drugs are starting to wear off . We are so thankful he is doing better. It is scary when you don’t know how long the side effects are going to last or if anything is permanent. We are also thankful for the caring staff at the Sarcoma Center that are all watching out for Robbie.

Better Day 4/8/18

Robbie is feeling better today after a very difficult week. He got a cute sloth, shirt, and card in the mail. He is still feeling the side effects of his treatment, but his fever is much lower and his headache is gone. So far today he hasn’t been shaking and his rash is not as bright red. I sure hope his cancer was hit hard this week too! They won’t check until after round two. There isn’t anything worse than watching someone you love suffer. He will see his main doctor tomorrow for another follow up appointment.

I apologize that I am a few weeks behind on Thank you cards. Everything you do is appreciated. ❤

Finally Home! 4/5/18

We are finally home from MD Anderson. Robbie is on an antibiotic. He continues to feel terrible. He shakes from chills, fever, cough, rash…. They feel most are side effects of the drugs plus he has a sinus infection. Makes us nervous to see him so sick. All his regular nurses were worried about him and busy giving him blankets, checking on him, and making sure that we were okay to leave.

We need to continue to monitor his fever and symptoms and if he gets worse, bring him back to the ER. They can put him in the hospital and give him IV steroids, but it would reduce the effectiveness of his treatment, so they hope he will get better on his own along with the antibiotics.

Pray that he can calm down from his day and rest. He is very uncomfortable and restless. Pray also for healing and for his side effects to go away.

At MD Anderson ER 4/5/18

Robbie had a temperature of 102 when he woke up, which is protocol for going to the ER when on chemo. It can indicate low blood counts and or infection. He also is covered in a rash from the drugs.

They took X-rays of his lungs, are doing bloodwork, and then will decide what he needs. They are starting with IV antibiotics for now. Really nice staff and Dr at the ER. I will update later today. Im not sure if they will just keep him a few hours or admit him. I need to have a bag ready like I used to do when he was on chemo. I didn’t bring extra clothes, meds, or snacks. I can’t remember if I took my high blood pressure meds today or not. We rushed from the house so quickly this morning.

Another Day at MD Anderson 4/3/18

There was already a long line of cars when we arrived at 7AM. Robbie got a few more hours of fluids. He is very tired and also fighting a cold this week. He slept part of the morning, which helped to pass the time for him. I’m back studying for the Texas state teacher tests. I signed up today to take three tests in May. I was hoping to test this month, but they were already booked.

Treatment Started Today 4/2/18

Robbie started the clinical trial today. We left our house at 6AM and didn’t get home until 7:15PM. It was a long day. So far he is doing okay. He has a sore throat and he is tired. Tomorrow we go back for four hours of IV fluids and the same on Wednesday.

The shots helped his blood counts. We are all a little anxious as we watch for side effects. He has a long list to look for and when we should go to the ER.

Happy Easter 4/1/18

Happy Easter! We started the day at MD Anderson, so Robbie could get a shot to help his blood counts. We were going to spend Easter with my cousins, but we had to cancel because we never know how long we will be there. Sometimes we get in and out ( this is rare) other times we are there for hours.

Heath was sweet enough to bring Easter to us. We live about an hour apart, so it was very kind to deliver Easter dinner to us. His grandfather and my mother were siblings.

We are so thankful for our family and friends. ❤

Tomorrow if Robbie’s blood counts are okay, he will start the clinical trial.