MD Anderson with Lynn and Robbie 4/30/18

Lynn is here for a couple more days. She drove and spent time with Robbie between his appointments. He is doing better today, but still very tired. His rash is almost gone and no fever today. He had a few appointments today including scanning his thyroid. Tomorrow they will scan his thyroid again and then the kids plan to go to the zoo.

Sleepy Robbie and New Job 4/27/18

Just like last round, Robbie has a fever, rash, chills, tired, and miserable.

I interviewed in Katy, TX today and they called later and offered me a job. I will be teaching special education in the fall. We went out to eat to celebrate. Robbie wanted to come along, but we should have encouraged him to stay home and rest. I hate seeing him so sick again.

Thyroid Update and IV Fluids 4/25/18

Lynn is here this week and is helping to keep Robbie’s spirits up while he is at MD Anderson during the day.

We learned at his appointment that his thyroid blood counts were 5 times what they should be. The doctor said that normally they put people in the hospital when their blood counts are this off.

Robbie will start medicine tomorrow to help and they will check his blood work again in a few days. The Endocrine Doctor said his thyroid is probably permanently damaged from just the first round of treatment. He said he doesn’t normally see this damage so early in treatment. He will have Robbie’s thyroid scanned on Monday to make sure they treat him correctly. The side effects of his thyroid not functioning correctly can be heart issues and a list of other problems.

Immunotherapy 4/24/18

Here is a picture of Robbie having Immunotherapy today at MD Anderson. He had a very sweet nurse. Robbie slept most of the afternoon.

We got a call from Anderson tonight and they feel it is critical for us to bring Robbie in tomorrow due to his blood counts for his thyroid from the immunotherapy. It also means changing his schedule for IV fluids. We are all exhausted. Robbie amazes me with how he never complains.

Lynn is here for a couple weeks. I’m so thankful she can come and help us out.

We appreciate everyone’s support.

The Piano Guys 4/24/18

Last night Jim and I took Robbie to The Piano Guys concert. It was fantastic! The music was relaxing and the guys were very entertaining. If you are worried about your ADHD child getting a job, these guys could be the poster performers. My favorite song is still The Fight Song. Google The Piano Guys on you tube and Fight Song.