Hearing Test and Houston Aquarium 3/29/18

We started the day at MD Anderson. I’ve been concerned about Robbie’s ears and we don’t live near our ear doctor anymore. We met a very smart young ENT and he told us several things about Robbie’s ears and took amazing pictures of his ear drums. Robbie also had a hearing test. His hearing loss is more significant than it was a year ago and also there is damage to his bones & ear drum on one side. We will need to find some one that services Resound hearing aids, so they can be adjusted.

The damage is caused by the chemo drug, Cisplatin, that he took for several months when he first had treatment in 2015-2016. This drug is also believed to be the drug that damaged his bone marrow and caused the non stop loud ringing in his ears. It did a good job against the cancer too, but unfortunately it is too toxic to his system to ever use again.

Next I took the kids to the Aquarium for lunch and a tour of the aquarium. Robbie loved taking pictures and Ruth had a good time too. We all fell asleep when we got home. It has been a hectic couple weeks!

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