Immunotherapy Starts Monday 3/24/18

Robbie starts the clinic trial with immunotherapy on Monday. We will meet with his main doctor again Monday morning and then Robbie will be hooked up to one drug at a time. There are two different drugs. They shouldn’t cause hair loss like the other drugs, instead there is a whole list of different side effects. Praying the side effects are minimal.

We haven’t gotten the heart test results yet, but chemo dates have been put into Robbie’s medical calendar through July, so I’m guessing what ever concerns they had ended up not being significant enough to knock him out of the study.

Thank you so much to everyone that has sent a card! He loves getting mail and you have really helped him! It is a very rough road right now. The clinic trials are being done, knowing the statistics so far aren’t favorable, but it is the best option they have right now. We will even cheer if it halts the growth of new tumors.

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