Medical Updates 3/8/12

Last month his Dr said his cancer was only growing a millimeter a month, so his plan was to wait until the tumors got to a certain size to start treatment again. In fact, he said we could really go three months between appointments, but I insisted on monthly checkups.

This month, the tumors have decided to take off, so treatment needs to start as soon as they can get him accepted into a clinical trial. They are hoping to get him into immunotherapy clinical trial. Praying this treatment works. His Dr continues to give a poor prognosis, but we have all heard of people that have beat the odds.

Robbie started the week on a high, when he had 3 teams from Google all interested in him. He interviewed in San Fransisco last year while in remission. Now with treatment starting again, we don’t know if they would consider having him work remotely. For a child that loves math, not only is he upset about his health, but also the job opportunity.

Then we went to the zoo and they let him in the back to feed Curly, since he had a rough day. I love how kind they are to Robbie.

Keep praying.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Pam says:

    Still praying! Hugs! 💙


  2. Debby says:

    Thinking of you. Sending hugs, 💙


    1. Thanks Debbie💗


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