Testing and More Testing 3/19/18

Robbie had a long day of testing before he can start the clinical trial. They did some of the testing at the main MD Anderson campus and some of the testing was done at their research building. Wednesday he will have another lung biopsy. Robbie is so brave to go through that again. You would have to knock me out. He likes to see pictures of his lung on the large screen.

I included a picture of the study in case you want to look it up. Although we were told last week that it is a stage 2 study, it is a pilot study. We are nervous, but continue to pray for good results. They plan to start his treatment next Monday, if all the testing goes as planned this week. He will continue as long as the side effects are tolerable and it is helping. We still need to read more about it. Here is a link for more information from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, where the study is being done. https://www.mskcc.org/cancer-care/clinical-trials/17-366

Lynn and Josh came down from Tulsa today and Ruth is flying down Wednesday. It is great to have family here this week. Robbie is happy to see his sisters!

Thank you for all your prayers and support.

Walk for Childhood Cancer in Galveston 3/18/18

On Saturday, Jim, Robbie, and I went to Galveston to walk for childhood cancer awareness in honor of Julia Cobb, who passed away from Ewing’s Sarcoma. It is very similar to Osteosarcoma. They are a wonderful family and have a foundation to help other cancer families called JuCan Foundation For more information, you can visit their website. http://www.jucanfoundation.org

Robbie walked a total of 7 miles yesterday. He went 4.5 miles with the walk for cancer and another three miles walking around the beach and to our car. He is very tired, but he had a wonderful day. He found out that he can go further than he thought he could.

Tomorrow he will be back at MD Anderson for a long day of testing and appointments.

Robbie was offered a Job with Google 3/15/18

Robbie was offered a job with Google today. It has been his dream to work for them. Although, the office is in California, Google is allowing him to work remotely around his cancer treatment. He will be doing computer programming starting the end of April depending on his treatment.

He is so excited! It is giving him something to look forward to with the challenge of a clinical trial ahead and the fear of cancer growing in his lungs.

Thank you, Google!

Clinical Trial 3/14/18

We took my brother and and his wife to the airport this morning for their flight back to Wisconsin. It was great to see them. Robbie got a new shirt in the mail and is having a quiet day.

We are still trying to process the latest medical updates. It is very frightening! Robbie got into the immunotherapy clinic trial. He will have tests next week and we are waiting to learn the start date for treatment. The clinical trial, testing, and bloodwork will all be done at the main center, instead of the nearby Katy location. It takes anywhere from 45-90 minutes depending on traffic and the time of day to drive from Katy to the main MD Anderson campus in Houston. Robbie thinks the high ramps that we travel on between highways are great, I’m usually in a panic until we are back on ground level.

Leg Check Up and Visit from Friends 3/12/18

Robbie and I spent most of the day at MD Anderson today. He had X-rays to check on his leg to make sure the cancer hasn’t returned to his leg and check his internal prosthetic leg. Dr Lin is pleased that Robbie is maintaining his leg abilities. He still isn’t able to straighten his leg all the way. Considering all this, he gets around well.

Today we ate Chick-fil-A in MD Anderson’s cafeteria, which is Robbie’s favorite food that they serve. He said…When I’m in Heaven, I will be able to eat Chick-fil-A on Sunday’s too….

Tonight we met friends from Iowa for supper. Our boys started pre school together. So sweet of them to visit us! We plan to meet them at the zoo tomorrow.

Visiting Parks 3/9/18

Robbie loves to go to parks, so we left the boxes behind today and went to a couple different parks according to Yelp ratings. We found the first park to be a long drive and disappointing. The other park is huge and we plan to explore it more next time. It has a swing that Robbie would like Jim to put on our porch. We also talked about cancer and life.