Boxes! 2/20/18

All the boxes and furniture have been moved into our house. The movers arrived at 8:00 and took only three hours to empty the pods and set up the beds. Even though I thought I got rid of a lot of stuff before moving, I can’t believe how many boxes are everywhere. It was difficult to decide where to have them put everything. I miss my friends and family that helped me pack.

Robbie and I also ventured out into our new city to run errands and due to my great sense of direction, we got lost a couple times even with my phone giving us directions. When you get close to multiple roads and highways, the gps is worthless. We did have a few good laughs. At one point I told Robbie that the car ahead of us seems to know where they are going…I’m going to follow them. They turned into an Irish pub and Robbie laughed and asked why I didn’t turn too.

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    Wish I could have been on that joy ride! šŸ¤£

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