Where are the Storage Pods?

We are still trying to get our storage pods. We used Pack Rat storage pods, incase you want to know who to avoid. They were scheduled for today…they cancelled and told us tomorrow…then cancelled again and moved the delivery to Monday…and the latest is next Wed. Keep in mind that this includes our refrigerator along with all our furniture etc.

We were planning to leave the apartment set up until mid March when our lease is up, so if we need a place to go between Robbie’s appointments that we could still utilize the location. Instead, we have movers coming Sunday morning to move us our of the apartment and we bought a small dorm refrigerator to use until the storage pods are delivered.

Our other disappointment was to wait in line forever at a Post office distribution center to set up our new address and collect a key for the mailbox.. There was one ugly blue door with a smaller door that would open occasionally and take another person’s information and then shut the little door. We found out we would need to return to this location when ever we want mail for the next few months until mail gets set up for our neighborhood. Instead we set up a PO box at a nearby UPS store. It is clean, quiet, and no wait for our mail.

I’m really stressed out. Moving…Robbie sick…..and I’m ready to be settled again!

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  1. Jackie Daugherty says:

    Postal workers AND movers can frustrate the best of folks! Hang in there!


    1. Thanks Jackie. I feel like such a baby today.


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