Donating Sloths to MD Anderson 2/12/18

Robbie donated sloths from the Sloth Sanctuary to the Sarcoma Center at MD Anderson today. The sloths were given to Robbie when we visited the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica. The sarcoma center was happy to receive them and plan to give them out to their younger patients.

The nurses and doctors at the Sarcoma center are like family. We had a rough morning and just being there calmed us down.

Robbie also got to visit the OT/PT area and see some of his former therapists. Normally we are on a tight schedule when we are at MD Anderson, but today we had plenty of time, since he didn’t have any appointments.

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  1. Jackie Daugherty says:

    How wonderful for the young children who were gifted by Robbie! He is a very good, young man!!

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  2. Pam says:

    Just last week, I saw the smiles on the faces of hospitalized kids who were given a new stuffed animal! So I know first hand how many moments of joy those purple baby sloths will give to so many kids and their families! Yay, Robbie!

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