Testing Week and House Updates 2/5/18

With testing coming up this week, it is hard to think of anything else and I’m not accomplishing much. I have promised to take Robbie out of the house tomorrow.

We are getting closer to moving into our house. We hope to move in the weekend of the 16th. We still need to hire someone to unload our pods. Robbie’s bedroom and bathroom are the main reason for building He is looking forward to having a shower that he can easily get into without having to pull his leg over a tub.

The builder is trying hard to make Robbie’s bathroom accessible, but unfortunately his team is struggling to understand what we want!! We talked about a roll in shower, but they didn’t do it. They finally got the doorway correct! It took multiple attempts before they finally made it wide enough for a wheelchair. They would fix it and then the next crew would put the wood back in the frame…then fix it again…then put the wood back…then fix…then wood…. I finally gave up and told Jim he would have to fix it, when by some miracle they left it correct. The home is beautiful and I know we will love it. It is just the little things can make you crazy!

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