Chocolate Tour 1/24/18

Our current hotel is also a working farm. Almost everything they cook in their restaurant is grown here on grounds. They also sell some of the products they grow. (Spices, fruits, vegetables, chocolate). Aside from produce they also tend to chickens, pigs, and cows.

We attended the chocolate tour on grounds today. Their cacao (or in English, “cocoa”) plantation has over 300 cacao trees. We tried the various stages of cacao beans and helped roast already fermented beans. Then we removed the outer skin to get cacao nibs followed by grinding them using both modern and ancient techniques. We tried the Aztec way of drinking cocoa…which is much more bitter than what people usually drink today.

Robbie was able to participate in all the steps along with his sisters for making chocolate. Unfortunately, it has been raining a lot lately and the trails to the fields were very muddy… and Robbie slipped and fell in the mud. He took it like a champ and still had fun. He is still very tired from yesterday, so towards the end of the tour, he returned to our room to rest.

Robbie also saw a sloth today in the wild and took several pictures.

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  1. Jackie Daugherty says:

    We are adventuring and learning through each of you. What a wonderful trip!!

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