Zip-lining In Costa Rica Mountains 1/23/18

We took Robbie as a family zip-lining through the rain forest in Costa Rica. The tour started with riding a gondola to an observation area at 4,100 feet. The zip line tracks stretched across canyons, trees, and lakes down the mountain side, with seven different rides. The longest cable was just over a 1/2 mile. It was pouring rain and we flew quickly between platforms. Robbie and his siblings loved it! Jim and I thought it was frightening and fun at the same time. One man went up on the gondola and then was afraid to go. Finally one of the instructors rode with him. It was fun watching Robbie and the kids get so excited! I was a little nervous about his leg, but he got along okay. He is tired tonight!

For awhile we have been enjoying a nice break from worrying about Robbie’s cancer. It is great to see him enjoying himself instead of spending all our time at the medical center. Tonight I was reading online and saw that one of the families I follow, that has a young son with the same cancer as Robbie, passed away today. So heartbreaking …osteosarcoma is a horrible cancer. Thinking of their family tonight. There is an Osteosarcoma Facebook group and the group rarely goes a month without loosing a precious child or parent.

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