Costa Rica Adventure Continues 1/22/18

We left the Caribbean coast and lovely hotel and rode across the country to the mountains and volcano area. It took about 5 hours and we had the same driver as we had before. He pointed out sights all along the way. Banana fields, pineapple fields, and other areas of interest. I was surprised to find out that they pick the pineapples and bananas by hand. I can’t imagine picking miles of fields by hand! We passed a lot of small colorful houses and an occasional town. You see a lot of people on bicycles and dogs are allowed to roam free without restrictions.

Tonight we are in staying in a hotel that is off the beaten path in the forest near the mountains. It is rustic, but a pretty area and very peaceful. It is a little further from civilization than it appeared on the map. We have learned that 30 minutes on a google map could mean 2 hours in Costa Rica, due to the roads and slower moving trucks. We will be here until we fly out on Friday.

Robbie was able to see many sloths so far since we arrived. The Caribbean coastal area has many sloths. This morning he saw a mother and baby in a tree by the hotel’s front desk. The hotel clerk called us to let Robbie know, so he could see them.

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