Jaguar Rescue Center 1/20/18

Jim and I took Robbie and Lynn to the Jaguar Rescue Center this morning. Robbie got to spend more time with sloths, which he loved. We were able to walk up to the trees where they were playing and also see baby sloths in baskets. They have a variety of animals and birds that they rehab and try to get back into the wild. They treat injured and sick animals.

They recently received a mother sloth and baby that were injured and another baby at the same time. The first baby died, but they were able to get the mother to adopt the other baby and eventually release them back into the wild together. We were hoping to see jaguars too, but they said, they have to limit contact with people. Unfortunately, only 40% of the animals they receive are able to return to the wild. Some have permanent injuries and others become too dependent on humans.

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