Sloth Sanctuary 1/18/18

We took Robbie to the Sloth Sanctuary today! It was a fantastic day! They took us on the regular tour and because of Robbie’s love for sloths, they took us behind the scenes to the baby sloth nursery and let Robbie hold a baby sloth and hang out with the baby sloths for a couple hours.

We also met the sweet lady, Judy, that started the Sloth Sanctuary with the Sloth named Buttercup several years ago.After the tour, they gave Robbie multiple sloth gifts. They are wonderful kind hearted people! They have been following his blog. We can’t thank them enough for such a special day for Robbie.

Thank you to everyone that made this possible for Robbie. I took several pictures on my good camera and will post more after our trip. ❤

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  1. Jackie Daugherty says:

    I’m feeling the love! Robbie is right at home with those babies! Make sure you count heads on the return trip!


    1. Thanks. He loved it there and the people that run the Sanctuary enjoyed seeing Robbie with the sloths. So sweet


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