Quiet Cold Week 1/3/18

Robbie is having a quiet week and is doing well. It is cold enough to wear sweaters today. I had to mention this, since I got teased for packing them. Haha

I’ve been fighting a head ache for several days, so Robbie has been stuck at home. I finally went to a dr today. The crazy thing is that I researched for a couple hours the choices I had for a Dr on our insurance in Katy. My top choices weren’t available and I was given a young Dr that had openings. I really like him and I found out that he likes sloths. What are the chances of that! He is insisting that I see a couple specialists. Stress tends to mess with your health. My head ache is from my ears and a sinus infection.

On a happier note, we are planning to close on our house in Katy on 2/22. We can’t wait to move out of the apartment! I think Big Foot lives upstairs.

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  1. Jackie Daugherty says:

    Sounds like you were led to your perfect doctor. Dr. Jakes enthusiastically says that “things don’t JUST happen”!! 🙏


    1. It was funny since I was nervous about going to a new doctor and then he happened to mention that he likes sloths and I took it as a good sign. Ha


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