Surprise Treats in the Mail 12/20/17

Robbie had a better day today. Yesterday, he was sore, coughing, and running a fever. I thought we would be back to the doctor today, but today was much better. He had a restful day. He received a box of treats in the mail from his cousins. We also took a short trip to the…

Under the Weather 12/19/17

New Sloth for Christmas. 🙂 Robbie was tired and his back and chest have been hurting him today. We probably overdid it a bit yesterday. He spent time working with his photos to edit them today. He enjoys posting his pictures to instagram. If you have Instagram, you can add him “robmud”

Shopping and Delivering Gifts to Ivan 12/18/17

A week ago Robbie had lung surgery. Today he helped finish shopping for Ivan. This evening we met with the JuCan foundation to deliver gifts to Ivan at the Ronald McDonald house near MD Anderson. Thank you to everyone that helped out. We bought clothes, headphones, and a small camera. Robbie had the idea for…

Sunday at the Butterfly Center 12/17/17

I took Robbie for a quick trip to the Butterfly Center. He really enjoys going there. The different butterflies are so beautiful. Understandably, he was pretty tired after walking around. I’m happy he is doing so well and the pain meds are working.

Early Christmas and Upcoming Costa Rica Trip 12/16/17

We celebrated an early Christmas while the girls were here. I’m so thankful that they were both able to work remotely this week. It really helped to have them here for Robbie’s surgery. He is recovering well with medication around the clock. We are very thankful for an excellent surgeon and team. Ruth and Lynn…

Star Wars 12/15/17

Jim and I took the kids to see Star Wars. Robbie is getting along well. He is uncomfortable, but well drugged.

Out of the Hospital 12/13/17

Robbie is out of the hospital! We got home around 2. He is on multiple pain killers. Robbie said…I’m walking on sunshine. Ha He asked his Dr if he could go to the zoo today, so Robbie got permission for a quick trip. We only stayed about 20 minutes. He got to see the sloth…

Afternoon Update 12/13/17

They just took out the chest tube! They also told him he should be able to get out of the hospital tomorrow morning. So thankful! He is well drugged and very happy to be done with the chest tube.

Surgeon Update Tuesday Afternoon

Met the surgeon. He said that he took a deep wedge out of Robbie’s upper lobe in his lung to get the largest tumor. It was larger around than a silver dollar. He took three out of his lower lobe the size of quarters. He said surgery went better than expected, because he was able…

Tuesday Morning Update 12/12/17

The surgeon’s nurse stopped by this morning and talked with Lynn and Robbie. They took out four abnormalities (tumors) – they’re being sent to pathology to check them, about a week to come back. The surgeon will stop by later. We understand that he took a wedge section out of Robbie’s lung. He had to…