Tuesday Morning Update 12/12/17

The surgeon’s nurse stopped by this morning and talked with Lynn and Robbie. They took out four abnormalities (tumors) – they’re being sent to pathology to check them, about a week to come back. The surgeon will stop by later. We understand that he took a wedge section out of Robbie’s lung. He had to crack a couple ribs a little to get at his lung. Robbie has incisions on his chest and back.

After he recovers from left side there is an option moving forward to do the right side as well – at a minimum four weeks normally between surgeries. I didn’t realize they were considering this, but if it helps, we will trust their judgement.

Lynn said they checked on him constantly all night long. He continues to be hooked up to multiple monitors and the chest tube keeps draining. Similar to the leg tubes only larger.

He is doing okay. Very tired and looks miserable. I think the pain is well controlled with meds, but an overall weakness, exhaustion, and discomfort.

Thank you for all your support. Seeing him after surgery again is so difficult. I hate seeing him suffer. I’m thankful everything went as planned and I don’t think he needed any transfusions this time.

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