Watching Jaguar Cubs Play and Meeting Interesting People 12/4/17

Robbie and I spent time at the zoo watching the adorable jaguar cubs play with their mother today. It was like watching large kittens play. Robbie had fun using his new camera lens taking pictures. It was overcast, so the zoo was pretty quiet. We had one person that stayed by us the entire time. She said she is a cancer survivor and went to MD Anderson. She said she could feel his cancer battle and just wanted to hug him, but decided she shouldn’t since she doesn’t know us. Instead she stayed by us.

Then we met someone else today. When we were getting into our car, (which isn’t by the regular parking lot, since we park in the handicapped area), so you have to go out of your way to walk to us. Anyway, someone knocked on Robbie’s window and wanted to talk to us. She was with two small children and she asked if she could pray for Robbie. She prayed for a long time demanding that the evil cancer would leave his body and he would be healed. I’m all for praying…..I’m not sure what caused her to seek us out. And her prayers were very dramatic. She was still talking to us and waving as she walked away.

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