Happy New Year!

Here is a short slideshow of Robbie’s year. We are very grateful for everyone’s support. We couldn’t have gone through this year without you. Thank You! The Mudroch Family

Sloth Sweater 12/29/17

It was a quiet day. Robbie is doing well. Today he hasn’t needed any pain killers. I’ve had a pounding head ache the last couple days.

Walking at the Zoo 12/28/17

Robbie and I went walking at the zoo this afternoon. It is a little chilly, but it was good to get out of the apartment.

Butterfly Center 12/26/17

Robbie and I went to the Science Museum and Butterfly Center this afternoon. It was very crowded! He enjoying being there and mostly sat on the bench watching the butterflies. They kept landing on his red hat. He also received a new sloth in the mail today, which really made his day!

Shorts in December! 12/22/17

We walked around the zoo this afternoon in shorts with temps in the 70’s. The weather is expected to be cooler next week in the 50’s. He is laughing in the picture because the fish were following him as he walked along the water. He had a great day.

Happy Holidays 12/22/17

Happy Holidays From Texas! We are very grateful for all the support while Robbie has been sick. Thank you ❤ The Mudroch Family *Just a reminder that if you did receive a card from us this year, the little change of address card for Katy is incorrect.

Knights and Shining Armor & Latest Incision Picture 12/21/17

I took Robbie to the special exhibit at the science museum this afternoon. They have a great display of Knights and Shining Armor. Robbie took tons of pictures. Then his back started bothering him, so we left. I had his pain medicine along, but I forgot the water bottle. We took off all his bandages…

Surprise Treats in the Mail 12/20/17

Robbie had a better day today. Yesterday, he was sore, coughing, and running a fever. I thought we would be back to the doctor today, but today was much better. He had a restful day. He received a box of treats in the mail from his cousins. We also took a short trip to the…

Under the Weather 12/19/17

New Sloth for Christmas. 🙂 Robbie was tired and his back and chest have been hurting him today. We probably overdid it a bit yesterday. He spent time working with his photos to edit them today. He enjoys posting his pictures to instagram. If you have Instagram, you can add him “robmud”