Research Treatment Options 11/20/17


Do You Like to Research?

Long post, so feel free to stop here if Research isn’t your thing. Ha ha. You laugh… but I know I have very smart friends and family! ❤


Robbie only has a 50% chance of getting into the study called KITE- 718 at MD Anderson. More info at this link.

There are many clinical studies/trials going on across the country. I made this post for my friends and family that like to do medical research.

You can help Robbie by looking for clinical trials/studies that might match. High priority for treatment being done in Houston. We are looking for back up plans, since the traditional treatments have been unsuccessful.

Where to research?

One place to research is online medical journals and another place that has a listing of all the trials is

Additional Medical information

He has metastatic osteosarcoma that is high grade and has spread from the original location (tibia) to his lungs with multiple lung metastases in both lungs. One lung is currently stable and shows no sign of active cancer. The other lung has been resistant to chemo and the main tumor continues to grow.

He just completed 6 months of doxorubicin. (the red devil) This drug is no longer effective.

Cisplatin was effective, but caused extensive damage to his ears and it is probably what damaged his bone marrow.

High dose Methotrexate was tried.

He can’t take multiple chemo drugs at one time, because his bone marrow was damaged the first time he fought cancer. His platelets never returned to normal.

Lung Surgery Research

Another area to research is lung surgery for lung metastases . There are different types. We are taking Robbie to meet a lung surgeon this week for a consultation. Just another option.

Lung Picture. Largest tumor is circled.

How to contact us.


Feel free to share with your friends.

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