MD Anderson Updates 11/16/17

They called us to come in early, which sent my anxiety sky high!

His lung tumor is slightly larger and it continues to be active cancer. He will have a month off from chemo to allow his blood counts to recover. They haven’t received the final results on the PET scan yet to know how much the tumor has grown.

Robbie signed paperwork for testing for a clinical trial with immunotherapy. He has to meet qualifications or they will do a different treatment. They will test his tumor and bloodwork to see if he matches the study.

Robbie will also meet with a lung surgeon to see if he qualifies for lung surgery to remove the tumors.

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  1. Norma Vondra says:

    Been thinking of you all, wondering what Wed would bring. I do so hope he will be a candidate for surgery. How soon can he start immunotherapy? Will it supercede the trip? We’re sending a contribution for the trip (or however you wish to use it.) I have to find your address! So many prayers and optmism are coming with this text. I so admire your strength, but take time for yourself, too.


    1. Thanks for all your support. ❤
      We are still at our apt. 5616 Jackson Street. Apt. 2320. Houston, TX 77004
      Lots of Love💜


  2. Betty says:

    Gods blessings and healing powers comi g your way. Go get em Robbie.


  3. Pam says:

    Hugs and prayers… ❤️


  4. Kim Klinger says:



  5. Kary Hansen says:

    I have read the most amazing articles about immunotherapy in the past 6 months! Praying he is a match for that study.


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