Day of Tests

Robbie and I are spending the day at MD Anderson for a day of tests.

The tests today include: A Heart echo to check for damage from the chemo, X-rays of his chest and legs checking for tumors and checking status of his leg. Bloodwork to see if his counts are coming back up. Finally a PET scan, which is a full body scan with IV contrast that lights up areas of cancer. The PET scan takes a couple hours. He can’t eat today because of the PET scan and that test isn’t until 4:30 today.

No one slept well last night and I doubt we will tonight either. If the cancer is spreading or the chemo drug shows more heart damage, it will be crossed off a very short list of drugs that work against osteosarcoma. If they decide to continue the current drug, the greatest risk is congestive heart failure. He already has some heart issues due to Marfan Syndrome.

Robbie’s doctor will go over his results and possible next plans on Thursday afternoon. I’ll post when we find out the results.

Thank you for all your support. ā¤

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  1. Jackie Daugherty says:

    Prayers lifted. šŸ™


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