Raining Inside our Apartment

It is raining inside our apartment today. All the joys of apartment living! We told them about this problem last time and the fix was to carpet clean the water. Robbie is having a relaxing day. Tomorrow is chemo.

Lot in Katy, TX

We visited the lot where our house is going to be built in Katy, TX. This wasn’t our original plan, but finding a home that is handicap accessible is almost impossible, so someone suggested building. They plan to be done by February or March.  There is a MD Anderson center in Katy where Robbie will…

Happy International Sloth Day

Happy International Sloth Day. Robbie and I went to the zoo to see the sloth and a few other animals. He is doing great today. 

MD Anderson Check Up 10/19/17

Robbie had a check up at MD Anderson today. All his blood counts are okay for chemo on Monday. It will be the 6th round of Doxorubicin “the red devil” and then he will have follow up testing in a few weeks to see if it is safe to continue this drug and if it…

Lynn is Visiting 10/17/17

Lynn flew down from Tulsa today. Robbie was very happy to see his sister. She bought matching shirts for them. 

This is the New Blog Location!

I moved the blog today to this site. Blogger no longer works with my phone or iPad. I also imported the old blog into this location. I hope the new site will be easier for everyone. I’ve been fighting the old site for a few months now until it totally stopped working for me this…

Zoo Trip 10/16/17

Robbie and I enjoyed a visit to the zoo today. The weather was perfect. Look who is walking without a cane! 

Our Edmond Home is Officially Sold 10/13/17

Our Edmond home closed today and is officially sold. Less than a month ago Jim & I starting talking about the possibility of selling our house. We never expected to have our house sold and closed by now.  This allows us to focus on Robbie. All his blood counts have starting coming back up except…

Quiet Day 10/12/17

Robbie had a quiet day. His platelets are still dropping, but his white blood count is a little better. He looks much better than yesterday when he was very pale.  We gave away his twin bed on Craigslist today and Jim is putting together our daybed for him to use. We made a family very…

Typical After Chemo Low Blood Counts 10/11/17

Robbie has low white blood count and low platelets, so he is under the normal precautions to avoid getting sick. You’d think we’d be used to it by now, but it still makes me nervous.  We picked up my car from the airport today and it really hit me that the traffic and highways are…