MD Anderson Check Up 10/19/17

Robbie had a check up at MD Anderson today. All his blood counts are okay for chemo on Monday. It will be the 6th round of Doxorubicin “the red devil” and then he will have follow up testing in a few weeks to see if it is safe to continue this drug and if it is still working. All the nurses love Robbe and were giving him hugs. They are all so kind to him. ❤

I put Ruth in charge of planning Robbie’s trip on his bucket list. If Robbie is able, we plan to take him to the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica in January. Thanks again to everyone that helped to make this trip possible. It is giving him something to look forward to as he continues treatment.

I’m still trying to recover from getting the house ready to sell and selling our home. The stress of it all is causing many sleepless nights and headaches.  Buying and selling a home always comes with challenges.

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