Relocating to Houston 10/1/17

This is probably Robbie’s last picture at our Oklahoma house. If you’ve missed the last few blog posts, we are relocating to Houston to be near MD Anderson for Robbie. Jim and Robbie drove back to Houston today for his next round of chemo this week. 

 If all goes well we will pass our home onto a very sweet older couple this month. What are the chances of someone asking to buy your house before it goes on the market? Then tell us we don’t need to do another thing to the house.  

Our current plan is to put everything in storage for now and continue to live in our apt… then move to Katy, TX sometime in the spring. I’m still in denial even as we pack up our house. I have loved living in Edmond!

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  1. Pam says:

    Oh Cindy, I was behind on posts, so am just now seeing that you are moving to Houston. Know that my hugs and prayers go with you…


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