Watching Butterflies 10/31/17

Today Robbie is very tired and weak. Luckily we did all our  shenanigans yesterday at the zoo. He had big plans for today too, but low blood counts and a sore throat have slowed him down. I hate cancer! We did go to the Butterfly Center for a little bit and he sat on the…

Superhero at the Zoo 10/30/17

I took “One Punch Man” to the zoo this morning. People were coming up to Robbie and asking to take pictures with him. He had a lot of fun.  He is pretty tired this evening. Bloodwork starts again tomorrow for low blood counts.  

New Hat and Shirt 10/27/17

Robbie received a new hat and shirt in the mail from his Aunt Terry. We took a short walk at the zoo this afternoon. The temperature is dropping a bit into the 60’s, which feels good after being so hot this summer. He is getting along well today, just weaker than normal. He had fun…

Super Hero “One Punch Man”

Robbie wanted a super hero outfit for Halloween. He also got a sloth head from a friend.  He is feeling better today. No fever!

Biggest Sloth so Far!

Robbie got a sloth outfit in the mail today from someone he works with at Navico. Love it! Best smile all day! Thank you! Robbie is a little under the weather this evening with a fever of 100 that we are watching. Hopefully we can stay out of the ER this week. 101 is when…

Another Sleepy Day

Our sweet boy is spending another day sleeping from the chemo treatment and also some issues with nausea.  Lynn and I went walking at the zoo this afternoon. The weather is great. 

Sleeping off Chemo 10/24/17

Robbie has spent most of the day sleeping. He only needed mild nausea meds in the morning, but by afternoon, we had to get out the heavy meds that knock him out. He is sleeping in his favorite chair. In this picture, he is a couple days old. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Chemo Afternoon 10/23/17

The first picture is start of chemo.  He was feeling great and holding his new sloth. The second picture, chemo was almost done and he was weak.  When I was packing our things into storage, I wish I had left his wheelchair out. We could have used it today getting in from the parking ramp…

Raining Inside our Apartment

It is raining inside our apartment today. All the joys of apartment living! We told them about this problem last time and the fix was to carpet clean the water. Robbie is having a relaxing day. Tomorrow is chemo.