Watching Butterflies 10/31/17

Today Robbie is very tired and weak. Luckily we did all our  shenanigans yesterday at the zoo. He had big plans for today too, but low blood counts and a sore throat have slowed him down. I hate cancer!

We did go to the Butterfly Center for a little bit and he sat on the bench and enjoyed watching the butterflies and wearing his costume. He also dressed up for bloodwork at MD Anderson today. 

Sunday at Katy, TX

We drove to Katy, TX and had lunch with my nephew and his family at their new house. Then we drove over to check on our house. They have started putting in the plumbing and plan to pour the foundation this week. 

Robbie is having a great day! 

His quote today as we drove by some homeless people: They aren’t homeless people, they are “free range” humans…

Biggest Sloth so Far!

Robbie got a sloth outfit in the mail today from someone he works with at Navico. Love it! Best smile all day! Thank you!

Robbie is a little under the weather this evening with a fever of 100 that we are watching. Hopefully we can stay out of the ER this week. 101 is when we have to take him. 

Chemo Afternoon 10/23/17

The first picture is start of chemo.  He was feeling great and holding his new sloth. The second picture, chemo was almost done and he was weak. 

When I was packing our things into storage, I wish I had left his wheelchair out. We could have used it today getting in from the parking ramp to our apartment. Now we are home and he is sleeping.

 It is hard to see him doing so well and see chemo knock him down. Praying it is also knocking out the cancer!