Dr Ratan Updates 9/21/17

We saw Dr Ratan today to hear the results. They were mixed. The right lung, the tumors were no longer lighting up with cancer. Yay!

The left lung, the tumor is brighter and possibly larger.  This could mean the chemo drug is starting to not work effectively anymore. He is scheduled for two more rounds of this drug.  

This is the fear we have had that one by one the drugs will become ineffective, yet we keep the faith and keep praying because the results on the right lung were amazing and not expected. There is one more drug they will try after this one and then it will be onto experimental treatments. He will likely have treatment the rest of his life. We keep praying for a miracle. 

The doctor also suggested we start planning Robbie’s bucket list trip to Costa Rica. 

There are many major decisions being made in the background right now. Pray for Robbie and pray for us as we make decisions on our housing and our home in Oklahoma. 

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