Arrived in Houston 9/3/17

We made it back to our apartment in Houston, which thankfully has no damage. It just smells a little musty. Maybe from the lower apts since our 3rd floor apt stayed dry. 

We saw a convoy of white trucks and trailers with service men traveling to Houston on I-45. We also saw an occasional pickup truck loaded with bottled water and supplies. 

I am so thankful to be here safely. It was a bit stressful on the trip not knowing what we would face when we arrived in Houston. We came close to an accident just outside of Oklahoma City, when something we didn’t see in the road caused the van to steer into the next lane of traffic. 

The kids kept sending me pictures during our trip. Lynn is visiting for a couple weeks. She was scheduled to fly down today. 

Jim packed his tools and plans to help when he isn’t working and Lynn also plans to help out. Robbie starts chemo on Monday evening. 

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