Selling our House 9/29/17

We spent another day packing our house. I don’t know how we managed to accumulate so much stuff! Two of my siblings left today for Wisconsin. It was great to see them. I couldn’t have gotten the house ready without them. 

It is possible that we have already sold the house. They want to close in two weeks, so we are scrambling to get packed and cleared out. We are trying to figure out how to make this happen since Robbie has chemo on Monday. We are trying to find someone in Houston to watch him next weekend, so we can both be in Edmond. 

More Cleaning and Packing 9/28/17

My siblings continued cleaning and helping me pack today. I’m going to miss them when they go. Two are leaving tomorrow. It will be a long time before we see each other again. I even had Robbie washing floors and carrying boxes today. 

A sweet friend brought a yummy supper tonight. It was nice to not have to worry about cooking for everyone. 

I started the week very discouraged and upset. The thought of selling my house and trying to get it ready with all we are already facing seemed an impossible task. Having my family come and friends stopping by has really been a life savor. God is watching out for us. It has been an amazing day. ❤

Siblings to the Rescue 9/26/17

I’m the youngest of six and three of my siblings are heading my way today to help out with our house. Terry is flying from New York and Sandy & Tom are driving down from Wisconsin. The other two are busy or they would have come too. Our stress level is high, so I really appreciate their help. We had offers from our sweet neighbors to help if we need them too. 

Robbie is just trying to stay clear of the craziness. 

Getting our House Ready to Sell 9/24/17

We spent the weekend working on our house. Ruth came down to help us. We sold multiple items on Craigslist, donated several car loads of treasures to Good Will, and gave boxes of books to the library. 

If you missed our last post, we are getting our house ready to go on the market, so we can move near MD Anderson for Robbie. We are looking at Katy, TX. They have an MD Anderson center where he could do everything except see his Dr, which we can drive into the city. I’ll have to get over my fear of driving the Houston freeway system. 

The hardest thing will be leaving my school behind. I have loved teaching at Centennial and I love the staff. They are amazing! We also have fantastic neighbors. We can make plans, but things can change, so we will have to see what happens. 

One of our sweet neighbors brought by supper tonight. 

Zoo and Travel 9/22/17

Robbie and I went to the zoo this morning. He enjoys the sloth of course, the fish, and the cute little meerkats. I made him go to see the baby elephant too. 

This evening Jim is driving us back to Oklahoma. We are coming back and  staying the week. I hate to say this, but we are going to have to get our house ready to sell. 

We don’t know if Robbie’s treatment will be months or a couple years, so we are facing a tough reality of trying to do what is best for him. 

Three of my siblings are traveling to Oklahoma to help us this week. I was really in a panic and they are coming to my rescue. I’m so thankful! It is so overwhelming. 

Dr Ratan Updates 9/21/17

We saw Dr Ratan today to hear the results. They were mixed. The right lung, the tumors were no longer lighting up with cancer. Yay!

The left lung, the tumor is brighter and possibly larger.  This could mean the chemo drug is starting to not work effectively anymore. He is scheduled for two more rounds of this drug.  

This is the fear we have had that one by one the drugs will become ineffective, yet we keep the faith and keep praying because the results on the right lung were amazing and not expected. There is one more drug they will try after this one and then it will be onto experimental treatments. He will likely have treatment the rest of his life. We keep praying for a miracle. 

The doctor also suggested we start planning Robbie’s bucket list trip to Costa Rica. 

There are many major decisions being made in the background right now. Pray for Robbie and pray for us as we make decisions on our housing and our home in Oklahoma.