Tropical Storm Shopping 8/24/17 updated

Houston has a tropical storm warning for the weekend as Hurricane Harvey heads toward the Texas coast. Heavy rain and flooding is predicted. We joined the many shoppers to get groceries before the storm. I didn’t know cereal was a big item before the storm, but there were many empty shelves along with the bread aisle. Many items throughout the store were sold out. Workers were busy restocking. 

Our friend from Houston suggested a few things that we didn’t think of, so I just did some shopping on Amazon with one day shipping to buy: a battery operated fan, potable radio, flashlight, and batteries. I never thought about the power going out. If Robbie wasn’t scheduled for chemo this weekend, we would take off to our home in Oklahoma. 

After talking with friends we decided that we should gather more supplies.  Here are some pictures from this evening.

Water aisle
Drink aisle
The store was wall to wall people, with the check out lines starting in the back of the store.  With all the craziness, everyone seemed on good behavior.  

Robbie is still talking about his great day at the zoo yesterday. 

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