Love, Love the Houston Zoo! Robbie feeding Sloths and Meerkats 8/23/17

A huge thank you to the Houston Zoo for inviting Robbie today on a special behind the scenes tour, which included feeding a sloth, otters, and going into the meerkat exhibit. Sweet zoo keepers telling us all about the animals they care for and snapping pictures for us! Robbie had so much fun! They really like the pictures he has been taking at the zoo and asked him to share with them. 

It was amazing to be able to be so close to the sloth! Robbie fed Curly, cucumbers.  At one point, Curly fell asleep with food hanging from his mouth. When we went into the meerkat exhibit, they all came running up to us.  We fed them live worms that looked like caterpillars. They were very curious about Robbie’s leg brace. They were soft like kittens, but the keepers said that they have strong jaws and can really bite hard if they feel threatened. 

This all started when one of the zoo keepers recognized Robbie from the last time we lived in Houston and asked if he wanted to see the sloth again. It took a couple months before Robbie felt well enough between chemo to have a longer zoo visit. They contacted us recently and set everything up. 

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