Science Museum & Dr Appointments 8/22/17

Early this morning, Robbie and I went to MD Anderson to see his Dr.  We asked him about the Costa Rica trip and he said he would know more after Robbie’s next round of chemo and scans…maybe December. 

He also said that depending on how his treatment is going the next couple months, they might try some experimental drugs and treatment in the future. He said the length of treatment is indefinite and will continue as long as it is helping. His next round of chemo is on Sunday. Edited: It isn’t that his Dr feels the experimental drugs will offer a cure, but possibly keep the cancer from spreading. If you Google osteosarcoma that has become metastatic, you will be able to read about his cancer. We continue to pray for his cancer to go into remission.

We went to the science museum this afternoon and watched a 3-D movie about the Amazon Rainforest and of course we saw some sloths. Having a membership to this museum is working out great. It is only a few blocks from our apartment. 

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