Gladiator Exhibit 8/20/17

Jim & I took Robbie to the Gladiator Exhibit at the science museum today. I got a picture of Robbie with one of the gladiator actors. 

Robbie is having a great weekend. His next round of chemo is next Sunday, so we have a few days that he can get out before he is sick again. His Uncle Bob and Aunt Edith stopped to see him this weekend too. 

Information from the museum website:

(The exhibit, Gladiators: Heroes of the Colosseum, provides answers in two arenas: that of the gladiators and that of the Colosseum. The exhibit takes us through time and through the Roman Empire. Featuring original artifacts from the Colosseum never before exhibited outside of Italy, this large international exhibit illustrates the compelling and fascinating world of the gladiators….)

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