MD Anderson Update 8/30/17

MD Anderson Sarcoma center called today. They have scheduled Robbie to have chemo on Monday. This means we will be trying to navigate back into Houston this weekend. 

We will be checking in advance to see what roads are open. We heard that our apartment building only had some water damage and only lost power for a few hours. Our apt is on the third floor, so we expect it to be okay. We are mostly worried about finding a safe way into the city. We also wonder how we can help.

Amazing Neighbors 8/30/17

We have the most amazing neighbors. Some neighbors have been taking turns mowing our lawn and picking up our mail when it is randomly delivered. They have sent cards and gifts to Robbie and encouraging messages to us. When we got back from Houston, one neighbor dropped off breakfast. Our house has even had a few repairs done and the yard work Jim had started was finished. 

We are so thankful for their kindness and support. 

Photography and Sloths 8/29/17

Robbie had fun taking pictures at the Oklahoma City Zoo this afternoon.  

He also received two new sloths today, which he loves. It was so nice that they thought of him. It really made his day. 

I visited Centennial Elementary in the morning and got to see some of my teacher friends that weren’t busy and a few of my students. I hope to get a chance to stop back to help my substitute teacher. I really miss teaching there this year. I’ve been gone since school got out.

We are still waiting to hear back from MD Anderson. 

Robbie and Sloth 8/28/17

Robbie enjoyed a quiet day at home today. We are watching the news of Houston and can’t believe the flooding. We continue to pray for everyone’s safety. 

I sent a message to Robbie’s doctor to see what we should do. I’m not sure if they can coordinate treatment in OKC until Houston opens again or what they want us to do. 

Houston Flooding 8/27/17

This is where we were scheduled to be today with Robbie. Flooding around and in MD Anderson. So thankful we drove home. 

Robbie continues to enjoy being home. It is hard to know when we will be able to go back to Houston. Our only concern is delaying chemo, which allows his cancer to grow. 

This is a street we drive to get to our apartment. 

Home Sweet Home: Church Night 8/26/17

It was nice to be able to attend our church tonight. They have Robbie on their prayer list and they have reached out to us multiple times to see how Robbie is doing. We appreciate everyone that is praying for Robbie. It means a lot to us.

We are loving being home for a few days. It is so difficult being away from our girls and our friends. It is also nice to be out of the apartment! Living in an apartment without all our belongings is one step above camping out.