Robbie’s Numbers and A Trip to Lowes 7/24/17

Robbie’s blood counts continue to drop, so we are still keeping him isolated. I guess I didn’t sound concerned enough when the nurse called today, so she called me two more times with guidelines of when to go to the ER and if they keep dropping he will need a transfusion. Trust me, my anxiety level is already on high!  

We needed some wood cut to fix the bed we bought on Craigslist. The first Lowes worker, told me he couldn’t cut fractions (60 1/2 inches). Then he found some wood that is 6 ft long and said, here…I don’t even have to cut it. I tried to explain that 6ft would be too long, but he walked away. Then, I went hunting for someone that looked smarter!! 

The young man cutting my wood in the picture is not only great at math, he graduated in Accounting. If you know of a job for Joseph, he is available.  Smart and helpful!

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  1. Pam says:

    Gotta love those accountants! (I'm married to one!) Glad you found someone who was smarter!!


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