Quiet Weekend 7/22/17

Robbie had a quiet weekend playing  on his computer.  He can’t go out due to his low white blood count and the risk of infection. 

Jim has been working tons of hours for his job. He has hardly had any sleep the last few days. We are struggling  to get Internet  set up at the new apartment  for him. AT&T doesn’t  show our new address as existing, but will look into it. All the other apartments  in our building  show up, so I question the intelligence  of the people  helping  us.

The P3 Cross fit group donated a table and chairs to us today.  They are amazing! We are slowly  getting  things ready to move in next weekend.

The reason we haven’t moved furniture from our house is that Robbie has been too sick for Jim to drive back and leave us without a car and it would cost a lot to move furniture  down here for short  term. The girls are bringing my car and a load of our stuff in a couple weeks. I will fly them back.

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