At The ER. 7/17/17


We arrived at the ER around noon today.  He is nauseated, dehydrated, and very weak.  He is having some shortness of breath too. Basically feeling all over miserable. He was very pale when we arrived. The sarcoma center told us to bring him to the ER. 

They did blood work and they gave him IV fluids and IV nausea meds. The also did a CT scan of his chest due to his shortness of breath. 

Robbie has severe nausea from the last round of chemo that we haven’t been able to control even with multiple nausea medications.

8:15 PM

 CT is clear except the tumors that we already knew about. Not sure why he is feeling short of breath.  He will be able to go home in the next 20 mins. Has more nausea meds to take. We are waiting on a nurse to disconnect him and release us. 

Long day!

9:30pm We are still at the ER and he is feeling sick again

11:15 Finally back to our apartment!

Jim’s sister Anne is here from Wisconsin until Wednesday and she also happens to be a nurse, which is great. I wish she could stay longer. 


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I know this is so hard on your mom heart, seeing him feeling so bad. I pray for Robbie and for you: for healing and rest.


  2. Pam says:

    I hope Robbie is feeling better today and that you both can get a good night's sleep tonight… hugs and prayers from Molly and her mom


  3. Thanks Pam. He is having a better day. Still isn't eating.


  4. Kathy Singh says:

    I'm so glad Anne was with you. Totally agree it would be awesome for her to stay longer. Hope Robbie feels stronger and better soon. He's got great parents by his side and tons of loved ones praying for you all.


  5. Thanks Kathy. Miss you.


  6. Think of you all so often….. hugs to you Cindy


  7. Thank you January


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