A way to Help Robbie with his Bucket List 7/30/17

We’ve had several people contact us since our last blog post regarding Robbie’s bucket list. He loves sloths and on his bucket list is a trip to the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica. 
We can’t do much to ease his battle with cancer, but we would like to help him to take this trip. Ruth put together a site if you are interested in helping.
Thank you ❤


New sloths after a rough day. 

The fight continues and Robbie has beat the odds many times in his life and we pray he can do it again.

We got good news, bad news, and horrible news today.

The good news is that there isn’t new cancer growth or new tumors. 

The bad news is the current cancer is still alive and doesn’t show any signs of dying.

The horrible news is that his Dr feels it is unlikely that he will go into remission  again.  He can have chemo to try to keep it stable, but the drugs won’t work forever. Robbie has damaged bone marrow that impacts the type of treatment  he can receive.

The current plan is to have 4 more rounds of heavy chemo over the next 4 months and then determine  if it is possible  to do lung surgery. We will also need to decide at some point, after a few months, if we should continue  treatment  in Houston  or move home for treatment. It will all depend on how treatment  progresses.

We will also start looking into doing things on his bucket list. One thing he would like to do is visit the Sloth sanctuary  in Costa Rica. If in the future he is able to take a break from chemo, we will look into this.

Ruth stared a fund for his trip to see the Sloth Sanctuary.


Keep praying.

Praying, Tests, and more Prayers 7/26/17

Today was a day of tests for Robbie. He wasn’t allowed to eat. He had blood tests, heart echo (the current chemo can damage his heart), chest X-ray to look at his lungs and check the tumors, and a PET scan (full body scan) to check all over for cancer. They are basically checking him from head to toe for cancer to see if it is still spreading. The PET scan lights up all areas of cancer. 

Thankfully we got done 2 hrs sooner than expected today. Robbie got into the last test early. 

Many prayers for stable or improved results tomorrow. 

Numbers, Nerves, & Baby Love 7/25/17

Today, Robbie’s numbers inched slightly up in the right direction. He has a bit to go, but it shows the start of recovery from the last round of chemo. 

We are very nervous this week!! He has multiple tests and a body scan tomorrow looking for cancer and checking the results of the chemo. I’m so afraid of what might show up! We will get results on Thursday, so we need extra prayers this week. 

I got to hold my friend’s new baby today. She is beautiful and I’m in love. I could hold her all day! 

Robbie’s Numbers and A Trip to Lowes 7/24/17

Robbie’s blood counts continue to drop, so we are still keeping him isolated. I guess I didn’t sound concerned enough when the nurse called today, so she called me two more times with guidelines of when to go to the ER and if they keep dropping he will need a transfusion. Trust me, my anxiety level is already on high!  

We needed some wood cut to fix the bed we bought on Craigslist. The first Lowes worker, told me he couldn’t cut fractions (60 1/2 inches). Then he found some wood that is 6 ft long and said, here…I don’t even have to cut it. I tried to explain that 6ft would be too long, but he walked away. Then, I went hunting for someone that looked smarter!! 

The young man cutting my wood in the picture is not only great at math, he graduated in Accounting. If you know of a job for Joseph, he is available.  Smart and helpful!

Quiet Weekend 7/22/17

Robbie had a quiet weekend playing  on his computer.  He can’t go out due to his low white blood count and the risk of infection. 

Jim has been working tons of hours for his job. He has hardly had any sleep the last few days. We are struggling  to get Internet  set up at the new apartment  for him. AT&T doesn’t  show our new address as existing, but will look into it. All the other apartments  in our building  show up, so I question the intelligence  of the people  helping  us.

The P3 Cross fit group donated a table and chairs to us today.  They are amazing! We are slowly  getting  things ready to move in next weekend.

The reason we haven’t moved furniture from our house is that Robbie has been too sick for Jim to drive back and leave us without a car and it would cost a lot to move furniture  down here for short  term. The girls are bringing my car and a load of our stuff in a couple weeks. I will fly them back.

Sloth Treats 7/21/17

Robbie got a couple packages this week. He received sloth treats from one of our neighbors and a sloth coloring book from one of Lynn’s friends. Thank you for making him smile. 

His blood counts are going down again, so he is back being isolated until they come back up. He was tired just walking to the next building to the mail area with me. He is having a good day other than being weak. 

Thank you for all your prayers. 

Thank You Houston P3 CrossFit 7/20/17

Thank you to John and the Houston P3 CrossFit gym that donated dishes, pots & pans, glasses, and more for our unfurnished apartment!  We are so grateful for their kindness. Our daughter Lynn does CrossFit in Tulsa and talked with the Houston group to see if they could help us. I can’t thank them enough. 
We haven’t been able to travel to Oklahoma to pick up anything for the apartment yet. Ruth and Lynn plan to bring down my car in a couple weeks. Then Jim can travel back and I’ll still have a car if Robbie needs anything.