Happy Birthday, Robbie 6/23/17

Happy Birthday to Robbie!  He is 24 today. Thank you to everyone sending cards. You are really making his day!

He finished the first round of chemo last night and is heavily drugged to keep from being nauseated. We won’t know until he goes through the process if his body can handle the heavy chemo or if the tumors in the lungs are impacted. He normally is okay with nausea meds until around the 10th day after chemo and that is when we often see the huge drop in his blood counts and fever. I can’t remember what day his mouth sores start, but it is soon after he gets chemo. We have medicine to help, but that is also a huge side effect. We also expect him to lose his hair either this round or the next, which isn’t a big deal for him.

Thank you for all your prayers and messages. We really appreciate all the support.

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