Leg Saga 5/7/17

Robbie had a good week.  The biggest issue continues to be his leg. It is hard to tell in this picture, but it keeps getting more bent due to all the scar tissue. It makes walking difficult and exhausting. It is like walking with one short leg.  
Ive been also fighting our insurance for a new leg brace. His brace broke 2 months ago and we finally got approval to order a new one.  I’m not sure how long that takes, but it hasn’t helped his leg. 
We go back to MD Anderson June 5th and we aren’t any closer to a decision on what to do for his leg.  I know we can’t leave it non-functional , yet all of the options come with their own set of risks. I’ve read articles online and consulted with various doctors. I’ve also talked with people that have children with osteosarcoma  to get their input. 
Robbie is going to spend the week in Tulsa with Lynn. She is taking him to a message specialist  that has had some luck breaking up scar tissue, he will also go into work at Navico, and see some Tulsa friends.

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