Sewing Sloths 5/29/17

Cutting out the sloths.  Sewing the sloth body.  Sewing sloth toes.  Sewing on the arms.  We are busy making sloths. Our next trip to MD Anderson is next weekend. I’ve been sewing and Robbie has been stuffing them. He is excited about his project and is looking forward to giving away the first sloths.

Biking 5/28/17

Robbie bought a bike off Craigslist and is enjoying biking again. Last summer he tried one but his leg was too weak. 

Leg Saga 5/7/17

Robbie had a good week.  The biggest issue continues to be his leg. It is hard to tell in this picture, but it keeps getting more bent due to all the scar tissue. It makes walking difficult and exhausting. It is like walking with one short leg.   Ive been also fighting our insurance for…