Hearing Aids Fixed 4/28/17

I took Robbie to Hearts for Hearing today. Both his hearing aids were nonfunctional. They put in new speakers and now he can hear again! Yay! We still don’t know what to do about his leg. It is getting more bent due to all the scar tissue and less useful.   Have a great weekend!

Easter 2017

Happy Easter! Lynn and Robbie are enjoying the day. Ruth wasn’t able to come home. 

Robbie’s Home Office 4/9/17

Here are a couple of pictures of Robbie working from home. He continues to work for Navico from home Monday – Friday 8-12. We appreciate  how flexible they are until he is able to work full time for them in Tulsa. He interviewed with Google a few weeks ago in San Francisco.  He hasn’t heard…

Walking 4/5/17

We went walking on a new trail. It was so windy that we didn’t last very long, but we had fun spending time together . 

April 1 2016 and 2017

Picture taken at MD Anderson by his OT last year in Houston.  Today at the grocery store. We found a Wisconsin  cheese sign.