Painful Shopping Trip 2/25/17

Robbie is doing so well that I didn’t think about how weak he is and how much effort it takes to walk. I took him shopping at the mall today, because I wasn’t certain of his size anymore and I wanted to buy him some new clothes. His leg gave out fairly quickly and after dragging him to a few stores, we realized that he is still too thin to buy clothes off the rack.
28  or 29 by 32 is impossible to find!

I would post pictures from our exciting shopping trip, but he wasn’t smiling! They look like I was torturing him!

One week until we go back to MD Anderson for his next check up. Our anxiety level is high!

Have a wonderful week ❤

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You might call Lands End. They have “Young Mens” sizes that have waist sizes from 27 inches. They come up to 34 inches long in some styles. And they hem some styles for free. Hard to find on-line. I think maybe you have to go to kids to find them? I would call. They are having a sale right now. And best part, no walking around to find them!


  2. Great idea! Thank you


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