A Year Ago…The Decision to Move to Houston for Robbie’s Treatment2/1/17

Robbie 2-1-17
Robbie 2-1-16

A year ago today, we were back from Houston after being there a month for his leg surgery.  Robbie’s doctors expected his blood work to be back to normal, but instead his blood work kept going down. After our doctor and MD Anderson doctors consulted with each other, they told us that they feared that Robbie might also have Leukemia. Thankfully the tests came back negative, but it took a couple weeks.

We made the decision to move to Houston for as long as Robbie needed treatment. Our car couldn’t fit his wheelchair and equipment, so we bought a used van and headed south as soon as we could. We ended up renting an unfurnished apartment, after finding all temporary housing filled due to the Houston Rodeo coming to town. 

This year we celebrate as Robbie continues to be in remission and is getting stronger each week. He is fighting hard to get his leg working again and he gets along well with his cane. We go back for his next check up in March.

Thank you for all your support!

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